Friday, June 20, 2008

Am I still Audit Mama?

Okay.. I question whether I have to change my blog name because I am in the middle of transitioning jobs. I chose Audit Mama because I'm currently Auditing for a CPA firm in my hometown, but starting next week I'll be an Office Manager for an opthomology practice. Hmm.. whether it requires a name change or not, I'm hoping this new job will be a better fit for me both personally and professionally.

I've met some truly wonderful people here at the firm, and I know we'll keep in touch. My new friends here wouldn't have in any other way. I don't know that I could have made it through this past year if it hadn't been for Donna and Judy. Both caring, compassionate women who have befriended me and became my confidants. I will truly miss them both! God knew what he was doing placing us all here at the same time together. It was for such a time as this. I am so thankful for you two. God Bless you!

Please pray for me as I transition to this new job and more responsibility. Also that I would learn the new tasks quickly and efficiently. Thanks for your prayers!

Just to give an update, Kevin has changed shifts now and is working 4 - 10 hour days and has 3 days off each week, which is nice. However, he's still on 2nd shift.. so we're still praying for an opening soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Where is your cell phone? Right beside me on the ledge of my window in my office.

Your significant other? My sweet hubby - Big Guy is at home, probably either still sleeping or taking care of little guy who woke him up.

Your hair? Blonde, but lately a little strawberry blonde, wasn't quite the color I was going for, but it looks good. Ready to change it up again!

Your mother? Compassionate, loving, gentle, giving, kind, a wonderful Nana!.

Your father? Strong, giving, always helping, loving, kind, a wonderful Papa!

Your favorite thing? Weekends and quiet time.

Your dream last night? I don't recall having any.. but who knows..

Your favorite drink? Unsweetened Iced Tea with splenda.. yum!

Your dream/goal? To survive motherhood.

The room you are in? My office.

Your ex? I don't have any.. Big Guy was the first serious boyfriend I had.. and I married him.. so no ex's.. :)

Your fear? Being a bad Mom and being overwhelmed by responsibility.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Maybe in a bigger house, a different workplace (maybe home!).

Where were you last night? Home watching TV with Big Guy and spending time together.

What you are not? Confident

Muffins? Yes, please. With coffee, of course.

One of your wish list items? a bigger house

Where you grew up? right here in Lebanon, PA.

The last thing you did? Ate my breakfast - homemade baked oatmeal (thanks Mom)

What are you wearing? black pants, a black blazer, and a light blue blouse underneath the blazer. (going out to a client today)

Your TV? at home.. it's probably still off..

Your pets? I have a dog.. Dinky.. he's a handful lately...

Your computer? my Dell laptop here at work with a nice flat screen monitor and keyboard.. and wireless mouse.. :)

Your life? overwhelming at times

Your mood? Tired.. it's Monday

Missing someone? My little guy...

Your car? A 2005 Mazda 3.. I love it!!

Something you are not wearing? hmmm.. accessories.. I'm not good at accessorizing.

Favorite store? It's so much my favorite, that I can't even think of the name.. isn't that awful!! It's a plus size clothing store, in Harrisburg behind Olive Garden in the strip mall there.. if anyone can think of it, please let me know.. LOL

Your summer? hoping to spend more time with little and big guy!

Like someone? I like a lot of people.. what's the point? LOL

Your favorite color? lime green.

When is the last time you laughed? Last night, something Big Guy said..

Last time you cried? I honestly don't remember.. been a while

Who will repost this? YOU! I tag YOU!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Okay, for all you fans and friends who have missed me blogging... Sorry! I've been a little busy and anxiously awaiting this time when I could blog about him walking on his own. Believe it or not he took his first walk on his own outside our house from our car to the mailbox and back. We live in a townhouse development so that's pretty far. He's been loving being outside since the weather has improved so much and allowed us to get him outdoors. He loves watching the kids play and walking around the neighborhood. If you can't tell from the picture his hair has become quite curly, it's adorable and I struggle with whether to cut it or not. Although the back is so curly it's a little Albert Einsteinish.. But still cute.. I'm so very proud of him and now the fun of corraling him to where he can go safely begins.. :) He's such an explorer.. he loves checking things out and figuring out how to take it apart.. That's my little guy!! :) Big guy and I are enjoying this time watching him grow and realizing how far he's come. All I can say is Wow!

As for us as a family, we are doing well. Big Guy is still on second shift.. still awaiting an opportunity for first shift, but we're waiting patiently on God's timing for that. We miss each other during the week, but now that tax season is over, I am back to being able to go home at lunch time when I'm not at a client, which is wonderful.. I get to see both Big and Little guy for my hour and spend some time chatting with Big Guy. I'm looking forward to the possibility of working less hours over the summer, but please pray that I'll have favor with my work and that they'll allow me to alter my schedule.
We are planning little vacations this year.. we're taking Little Guy on his first camping trip this summer in August. I can't wait.. Okay, not your typical camping maybe, but we love it.. we're renting a cabin, with a bathroom mind you, and air conditioning.. and the campground has a fantastic pool with a water slide.. as well as amusement park rides.. but to us it's camping.. :)

I can't wait to hear from all my bloggy friends.. I promise to keep this more updated now that I'll have a little more time. :)
God Bless you all!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's a First!

Little Guy turned 1 year old on Monday, December 3rd! We had a great party on December 2nd. Here's a picture of him eating his cake.. he did quite well. He dug into his little cake and smeared his icing all over everything. I was so proud! He's not walking just yet, but I think he's getting close. He loves walking while holding on to things and occasionally lets go to stand on his own until he realizes he isn't holding on. It's such a great time in his life.. he's so sweet.. all the kisses and loving he gives. I love it! I'm so blessed!

Prayer Request - please pray for our family.. Big Guy is trying to get back to a dayshift position at work and we anxiously await an opening so we can spend more time together. It's been a year since he went to second shift to help with Little Guy and it's been a rough year with little time together. We have Little Guy at a local sitter, she's a friend of ours and she's great! She LOVES him and she has a little girl that are abou the same age and they play so well together.

Friday, November 23, 2007

New Pics

Okay.. not a lot to blog about, but had to update with a new pictures.. too cute! Lil guy turns 1 in just a little over a week.. I can't believe it! I can't wait for him to start walking.. and talking.. but I'm sure he will in his own good time. Love You All!
God Bless You!